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Rules of the Forums (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Hello! If you are new here, we recommend reading these rules before posting here.
-Be Nice! In here, we treat each other well. If you dont act nicely, then others wont act nicely with YOU, so to keep this community good and safe, please be good and treat everyone well.

-No Swearing Kids look at this forum as well friend, so no swearing please. This is to ensure a good and safe community.

-No porn or innapropiate videos I mean, this one explains itself. We dont want nudes, d**k pics and gore, so refrain from doing all that here.

-Try to not double post Double posting is the act of making a post and inmediately making another one by the same user. Its not bad but it looks like spam. You can simply edit your post and it will be all good Smile

Dont give out personal info or account information Passwords, adress, emails etc. Dont post them here nor via private messages.

Stay on topic When you post on, say "RETRO Topics", it must talk about FusionFall RETRO. Please make sure to post the appropiate topic/message on the appropiate topic.

Keep complaining to a minimum While yes saying your opinion IS allowed, its not allowed to talk too negative or talk trash to others. Please refrain from being too mean while here.

No advertising threads Seriously just dont. Just create a forum topic talking about that and it will be good Smile

HAVE FUN! This forum was made with the mindset of having fun and talking with other people about FusionFall and games! Have a good time!

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